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Hi. How in the world are you?

I'm Noel Schlachter (pictured with my wife Dee). I create Multimedia PowerShows for the Indie Artists at Music Forte. The original Music you will hear in the shows from these unsigned Artists is the best on this planet.

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The PowerShows have different themes. Sometimes you may laugh and sometimes you may cry but they will always be entertaining.

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 Enjoy these videopowershows

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My new CD is available for digital purchase. It is called "All My Love" I have created 18 selections for your enjoyment. Here is a listing of the tracks. If you enjoy Piano Music, You will love to start your day listening to "All My Love". VERY RELAXING!

Track 1     Afternoon in Albuquerque
Track 2     All of My Life
Track 3     Baby
Track 4     Everything is Wonderful
Track 5     Have I Told You Before
Track 6     I Will
Track 7     I Will Remember You
Track 8     It Don't Matter To Me
Track 9     Just Don't Know
Track 10   Just To Be With You
Track 11   My Love
Track 12   My Only Prayer
Track 13   Robert
Track 14   Thinking of you everyday
Track 15   Today will be a beautiful day
Track 16   Where Are You Headed
Track 17   You Are The One
Track 18   You Don't Even Care

Listen to some demos!

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Thanks to the wonders of the Internet and Digital Distribution you can purchase My new CD  "All My Love" for $5.97.

I will send you the link to download all 18 songs when I receive your Paypal donation. These songs

are playable on any mp3 player including the Ipod(tm).

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